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Electronics for Radio Surveillance & Monitoring - SIGINT/COMINT

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Typical Frequency Response

The fundamental application of the receiver multicoupler is to enable multiple radio receivers, spectrum analyzers or scanners, to share a common antenna system. The advantage of using a multicoupler in signal monitoring applications were several receivers are used (such as in SIGINT/COMINT), is in the port-to-port isolation of the coupler.

Isolation will reduce the possibility of RF interaction between receivers caused by local oscillators, synthesizers, etc. If an external pre-amplifier, receive filter or lightning protection device is used, only one is needed to service several receivers.


General Information -Receive Pre-Amplifiers


800 MHz Low Noise Receive Pre-Amplifier


(1):   EMI/RFI Ceramic feed-thru for DC power hardwired connections.
(2):   PCB Conformal coating for high humidity installations.
(3):   TNC  or N connectors

Please contact us for options 1 and 2

Connector Options

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Gain:   18 dB (+/- 1.5 dB in Passband)
Frequency Range:   800 MHz to 900 MHz (nominal)
-3 dB Response: 820 MHz / 900 MHz
Noise Figure:   2  dB (nominal)
P1dB: +12 dBm (output)       OIP3: +24.5 dBm
Insertion Loss (By-pass mode):  < 2 dB (25 MHz to 1 GHz)
Impedance:   50 Ohms (In/Out)
Connectors:   BNC (standard)
Power Required:   +12 Volt DC (nominal) @ 150 mA
Enclosure: Cast Aluminum with black powder coating
Size:  5.5 X 2.25 X 1.25 Inches

Specifications: A8020 Pre-Amplifier

The model A8020 is a commercial/government grade low noise receive pre-amplifier for use in the 800 MHz service band. It is designed to improve weak signal reception on scanners or other wideband radio receivers, including spectrum analyzers and related equipments used in signal intercept platforms, trunk tracking applications or for general monitoring in this band. The A8020 is part of a system of components for the 800 MHz service band and may be used in conjunction with our receiver multicouplers models MCA208M, MCA204M and MCA804B.

This pre-amplifier features internal RF relays for by-pass switching and can be left inline when not needed. It may be mounted remotely in an equipment cabinet, or near the antenna, and DC powered via the coax using an optional "Bias Tee". It is designed to drive long runs of coaxial cable to overcome feed line losses, or, may be used in any configuration when weak signals needs to be received. The A8020 is housed in a cast aluminum enclosure for ruggedness, high reliability and mechanical stability required in many demanding commercial and government installations. Black powder coating and a Lexan overlay panel will stand up for many years of service.